Young Hoteliers Award

Young Hoteliers Adward (YHA), sponsored by the Vietnam Hoteliers, is an opportunity for young talents. YHA is a reward for the young people who do not only have passion and enthusiasm to develop themselves; but must also be aware of the responsibilities of contributing and developing the human resources community in particular and in Vietnam tourism industry in general.

Candidates need to meet the following conditions:

– Under 25 years old.

– Work directly or related to Tourism and Hospitality in Vietnam.

– Have passion in the Tourism and Hospitality industry.

– Have ideas and complete one important project and have contributed to any business or this industry.

– Be recognized with the projects or activities contributing to business or community by the instructor or manager/organization.

Program Content:

– Propose ideas and discuss online

– Coffee with GM

– Seminars Online

– Uphold and present the ideas / topics

Awards for Young Hoteliers:

– Receive ‘Mentoring Program’

– Have opportunities to participate in professional workshops and create professional relationships

– Have opportunity to participate in the internship program in management with partners of VHN

– Receive expecting employment opportunities from businesses or leading corporations