Workshop, Networking Events

With the desire to build a cohesive and strong community which can support and develop together, one of the key activities of the program “Developing the high quality human resource system for Vietnam’s Tourism and Hospitality ” is the thematic workshop and networking events.

Having perceived and evaluated the importance of professional networking industry, the Vietnam Hoteliers Network (VHN) Management Committee soon identified one of the central goals is to connect, maintain and gather the high quality human resources community. VHN wants to be the agent for all professional groups in the industry through online and offline events (from which each one can get real benefits from building the professional relationships and receive the career opportunities). Moreover, in order to increase the quality of networking activities, help networking to become a professional activity, VHN also carried out ‘Hospitality Gathering’ Program – An event that gathers all high quality personnel in the industry across Vietnam. With an effort to connect and inspire, over the past one year, Hospitality Gathering appeared actively in Hanoi, Saigon, Vung Tau, Da Nang, Nha Trang, etc and become a typical point of VHN.

As ‘Hospitality Gathering’ is a chance to connect all advanced personnel, the participants are chosen selectively and carefully. We want to focus on quality and effective networking. In each program ‘Gathering’, we always invite guests especially who are the executive management or holding important positions in large enterprises. Besides the career story or sharing experiences from the guests, there is a chance for businesses to cooperate – this is the “value” that VHN wishes to bring to the participants.

By organizing many programs ‘Hospitality Gathering’, the VHN Management Committee has received many encouragements and praises from the successful connection and advanced networking which were built up through the events. And certainly ‘Hospitality Gathering’ will spread and connect more in the future.