Introducing Hospitality One-Stop Development Program – opportunity for students

In recent years, Hospitality is one of the most developing industries in our country, therefore,  the demand for professional staff is extremely high. This development has opened up employment opportunities for Vietnam’s labor force. However, the current situation shows that the number of employees reach the standards in this sector is not enough. The hotels and restaurants have to take more time, effort, and costs to train employees so that they can meet the requirements of the business. Likewise, surveys reveal  that the number of graduates in the Hospitality industry is quite large, but fresh graduates are not able to find a job or are currently working outside the industry. Paradoxically, many recruiters are in serious shortage of human resources. One of the main reasons for this situation is that the current quality of human resources does not meet the requirements of employers. In order to work in the Hospitality industry, the employees must not only have the knowledge, soft skills, and specialist skills but also show professional manners. Indeed, the most important requests are working attitude, behavior, and communication skills. So how can our workforce meet these requirements, improve the quality of service and the position of Vietnam’s Hospitality on the international arena?


Based on the market’s demand, Hospitality and Tourism Solutions HTS Group has launched the Hospitality One-Stop Development (HOD) program for students who will have the opportunity to get intensive training including soft  skills and professional skills in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. Our mission is selecting and nourishing young talents in the industry to become leaders. HOD recruits and develops qualified human resources with the capacity and qualities for the Hospitality industry in Vietnam. Their qualifications include not only the professionalism to regional and international standards in knowledge, skills, and attitude, but also their creative thinking and sophistication demonstrating cultural and personal identities.

Specifically, HOD concept is formed with the models of training and human resources development from Germany, Switzerland, and Las Vegas – USA. It is specifically tailored to ASEAN and Vietnam’s markets by Professor Giovanni Joe Delrosario – who has had many years of management experience in Hospitality, as well as training at prestigious universities in the U.S. In particular, HOD is developed and managed via online hospitality e-learning portal, so students can follow the progress of their learning, their improvement and also update their specialized knowledge easily and effectively!


7 values of HOD to qualified manpower :

  1. Unique MODEL of Full-time, Dual study & Distance learning
  2. Professionals from Switzerland & America
  3. International & local leading MENTORS
  4. Pre-HOD program focuses on VTOS, skills, attitude, and creative thinking ability
  5. Operation Excellence certified from SWITZERLAND
  6. ECOSYSTEM for developing high-quality Manpower
  7. Developing & managing via E-learning system :

HODer will be certified by UBIS University, Geneva Switzerland – University of Business & International Studies, Ton Duc Thang University, Taylor University (ranked 26th of the world in Hospitality Management), VTOS (Vietnam Tourism Occupational Skills Standards), HTS Group for their excellent operation:

– Excellent Operation in Housekeeping

– Excellent Operation in Food & Beverage

– Excellent Operation in Front Office


The program opens the opportunity for all senior students at colleges and universities in Tourism & Hotel Management  in Ho Chi Minh City. For more information, please kindly contact us via:



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