Vocational workshop in Tourism and Hospitality

In May, 2014, Vietnam Hospitality Network (VHN) conducted an online survey with Tourism and Hospitality students in all universities and colleges in Hanoi about orientations and goals after graduation. The results showed that more than 60% of seniors have no plans to find jobs; 75% of students have no idea about "career-oriented" and are uncertain about their directions after graduation, 80% of students do not have clear goals after 5 years. They are truly alarming figures for human resource situation in Vietnam.

In recent context, when ASEAN Economic Community will formally be established in late 2015, along with many policies will be implemented,including MRA-TP – Asean Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Tourism Professionals which will open many opportunities and challenges to Vietnam Tourism, human resource would be a serious problem. Thus, on 10 Jan, 2015 Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management of National Economics University (NEU) and Vietnam Hospitality Network together hold a vocational workshop "The way for career development in Tourism and Hospitality".

With the goal to put students in a "Multi-dimensional Interactive " environment including Nation Tourism Administration Organizations – Manpower – Schools – Experts – Recruiters and help students to prepare career plans, a series of nine events to support professional development in tourism and hospitality will be held in 2015 at the Vietnam National Economics University. These events has received the support from Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and famous enterprises such as as Accor Group, HG Holdings Group, G'Connect Education,etc.

In the conference, Mr. Tran Phu Cuong (Deputy Director of Department of International Cooperation – Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Chief of Vietnam Tourism Certification Board) expressed his support and encouragement to the orientation activities at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel management, NEU. He devoted much time to share with students the opportunity to develop the tourism industry in some next years. He alsso gave some short speeches on career awareness, career pride and gave inspiration to students.

Ms. Hoang Thuy Hong (Human Resource Director in Pullman hotel- Hanoi) shared with the students many opportunities to develop your career in Accor Group. As an HR expert with many years of experience in one of Europe's leading hotel corporations, Ms. Hong remind to the students: "Tourism and Hospitality in Vietnam is thriving. Many international brands have been and will continue to expand their markets in Vietnam. Thus,  there are many career opportunities as well as professional developments for students after graduation. If you do not prepare yourself with knowledge and skills, you are hardly to join the labor market”.

( To be continued)

Source: Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management ( National Economics University Hanoi )

Translator: B.H.D

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