Vingroup creates the 10 – million dollars Scholarship Fund: “Capacity development for enterprise managers in Vietnam”

With a desire to develop a new generation of leaders for Service in Vietnam which is neccessary for domestic demand and also provides high quality human resources, Vingroup creates a Scholarship Fund "Capacity development for enterprise managers in Vietnam”. In  the 1st step, Vingroup sponsored 10 million dollars, equivalent to 220 billion VND. In January, 2015, the Fund will launch the first project of traning high quality human resource, specialized in Tourism and Hospitality.

The Scholarship Fund "Capacity development for enterprise managers in Vietnam" set a goal for creating and training a young, educated, skillful (based on international standard) generation of CEO and managers, provides them enough knowledge to manage and operate the high quality facilities in Vietnam, especially in specific areas such as hotels, resorts, commercial centers (shopping center), and other business and service establishments.

In order to achieve this goal, Vingroup doesn’t only create the Scholarship Fund "Capacity development for enterprise managers in Vietnam" but also directly participates in operating the specialized training programs, together with experienced organizations which are famous for developing practical management capabilities for services industry.

By making drastic, effective and practical plan, the Fund will provide a practical training environment, concentrate on connecting 4 core aspects of leadership development: internationally professional standards; international training programs; advanced environmental practices and employment opportunities, immediately after training. This approach provides an open future for the young leader.

From 1/2015, the Fund will run the first project: recruiting and training in order to find 50 Vietnamese General Manager (GM) for five-star hotels and resorts. Currently, most of the GM are  foreigners, because the human resources of Vietnam do not meet the specific requirements of the field.

The project will be implemented in 12 months, for the Vietnamese potential candidates, from 25 to 35, who have energy, passion and desire to develop a career in hotel management. The successful candidates will be trained by the famous and international organization such as American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute ( AHLEI). The Certified Hotel Administrator ( CHA) of AHLEI is the most prestigious certification for the manager and the hotel manager, which is recognized worldwide. Candidates will also have chances to practice in the network of five-star hotels and resorts in Vietnam. Graduate candidates will be certified and confirmed by AHLEI and have internship certification from Vingroup. In particular, the best candidates will continue to receive scholarships to practice 2 weeks in Singapore, Dubai, Switzerland; also be considered simultaneously by Vingroup to be appointed to GM position immediately after completing the program.

Vingroup have scholarships available from 50% to 100% of tuition for qualified candidates. During the training period, trainees will be paid accordingly.

Source: Vingroup

Translator: B.H.D

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