The lack of skills – The biggest challenge of Vietnam

Vietnam human resource‘s lack of skill and inability to meet the demand of foreign enterprises are the biggest challenge that Vietnam has to deal with when participating in the ASEAN Economy Community (AEC).

’Vietnam needs to create a Skill Council for Tourism and Hospitality, which can help its to take advantages of opportunities when integrating’’, according to sharing from conference co-organized by General Department of Vocational Training and International Labor Organization (ILO) in 18th, June, 2015.

The conference also pointed out that tourism was one of the 8 careers included in the mutual recognition agreement in the framework of the EC.

Mr. Duong Duc Lam, Head of the General Department of Vocational Training said that:

“In order to meet the requirements of economic – social development, accelerate the process of integration which leads vocational recognition among ASEAN countries, Vietnam need to renew its vocational training program and develop it thoroughly’’.

Mr. Lan also emphasized that training quality of Vietnam tourism need to reach the standard of ASEAN developed countries, which can help Vietnam to improve national competitiveness.

With almost 3.300km coastline and 7.8 million international tourists each year, the tourism industry is one of Vietnam’s spearhead. A significant growth rate of this industry which is worth $ 10.7 billion is also a major source of income and employment. According to the the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, this industry creates jobs for 1.7 million workers, including 550,000 direct jobs.

However, the lack of skills is a big challenge that Vietnam has to deal with.

According to a skill survey with about 200 tourism businesses in the Central region of Vietnam, all employers agree that graduates from vocational schools do not meet job requirements. One of the main reasons leading to this limitation is that enterprises do not participate in training activities for students.

The Director of ILO Vietnam, Gyorgy Sziraczki, shared that: “To organize a good skill council for Tourism and Hospitality, representatives of business, government, education institutions and other stakeholders need to cooperate. In many countries in the world, this kind of council has become such an important component that contributes to successful policies “.

The statistics of the Association of Tourism show that foreign tourists into the country in the past 11 months (from 6/2014 – 4/2015) consecutively decreased, compared to the same period in 2014. Just from Jan- April/2015, the number of international tourism decreased by 12.8%, compared to which in the same period of 2014.

Source: Thiếu hụt kỹ năng làm du lịch – mối lo ngại lớn khi hội nhập – VOV,

Translator: B.H.D

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