Press Conference: Young Hoteliers Award 2015

On 7th May, 2015, at Sofitel Legend Metropople Hotel, Vietnam Hospitality Network cooperated with Hospitality Department of National Economics University held the Announcement Conference for the contest Young Hoteliers Award 2015.

The press conference invited many reprentatives from schools and businesses in Tourism and Hospitality and many press agencies. It also attracted more than 100 students who are interested in Young Hoteliers Award 2015.

The music opening provided a feeling of excitement for the conference’s participants. Throughout the press conference, participants had the chance to perceive more information about the contest as well as comments about it.

Speaking at a press conference, Mr Pham Hong Chuong – Vice president of National Economics University expressed his appreciation for the idea of  Young Hoteliers Award 2015 and also showed his confidence and belief in YHA 2015:  We will sucessfully organize an amazing and useful environment for not only students but also participated partners. We need to make a awareness movement in Vietnam tourism development.

                                                      Mr. Pham Hong Chuong

The conference continued with a speech from Ms. Ha Nguyen – Representatives of HTM Management Consulting Co.,Ltd – A strategic partner of YHA 2015. Ms. Ha expressed her expectation to YHA 2015: I hope that our company as well as other sponsors who are here today, the National Economics University, Vietnam Hospitality Network and Ton Duc Thang University will bring to all of you an interesting and creative environment. We hope that we have the opportunity to receive new and innovative ideas developing Vietnam Tourism and Hospitality…And the contest will help us to find out young talents who are treasures of this industry.

                                                                 Ms. Ha Nguyen

Explaining more about the purpose of the contest, Mr. Chu Hong Minh – Representatives and founder of Vietnam Hospitality Network said that: We organize Young Hoteliers Award 2015 with the aim to create for all of you an environment helping you to express yourself. Participating in YHA 2015, you can have the chances to develop your career in the future, receive scholarship from famous companies and universities in the world. Specially, you can contribute to the sustainable development of this industry.

                                                                 Mr. Chu Hong Minh

In order to bring a broad perspective and information about the contest, Representatives of the Organizing Committee – Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long gave all students a interesting and dynamic presentation. The most attracting part here is the prize announcement which costs about 400 million VND including: full scholarship for a short training program in Switzerland, START Hospitality Program from American Hotel and Lodging Education Institute, Hospitality One-Stop Development Program from Vietnam Hospitality Network, money and memorials. 

                                                            Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long

The press conference continued with the inquiry part from the students having questions about the contes. YHA 2015 Press Conference officially ended at 11 am.

     The Organizing Committee of YHA 2015 and Representatives of National Economics University 

Young Hoteliers Award 2015 has officially opened registration application from 4 May, 2015 and is always ready to welcome creative and new ideas.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Tran Thanh Hang – Chief Coordinator

Tel: (+84) 946 669 022

Writer and translator: Han Duong – VHN Project Assistant

Photo: Thai Nguyen

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