New requirements for Vietnam Tourism human resource ( Part 2)

2. New requirements for Tourism human resources tourism

New century, new circumstances, new tourism demands required the human reources to have a revolution. They need to improve, update new knowledge and technology related to tourism, have strong expertise and express their abilities in order to stand still in this competitive environment.

Always updating new knowledge

In this 21st century, with the help from technology, the tourism awareness of visitors is increasing. Thus, with basic knowledge only, tourism’s staffs cannot satisfy customers. The staffs need to update and undestand new knowledge and new information incessantly. Especially, the tourism product of the 21st century is continuously diversified and innovative. That requires employees to adapt themselves and find the ways to make visitors feel satisfied with all tourism products.

Professional knowledge and intensive skills

In 21st century, there are various kinds of specialized tourisms and they required employees with professional knowledge and high skills. According to a survey, visitors need employees who are good in both knowledge and skills for the work they undertake. For example, if the tourists travel to the desert, they need a tour guide who is greatly knowledgeable about deserts; if they explore the sea, the tourcguide need to understand thoroughly about the ocean…The expertise, skill and experiences from the staffs will make visitors feel safer and more satisfied.

Appling scientific and technical products

Nowadays, tourism products are combined with increasingly high-tech. Therefore, there are various ways to serve customers. These include the use of technical method, such as Internet, information technology to manage data, calculation, booking travel and advertising; media to promote their products … Hence, the tourism employees need to understand scientific knowledge and know how to apply the scientific method to improve effectiveness in their work.

Expressing personality / peculiarities and understanding tourists deeply

In 21st century, a mark individuality is always neccessary. Each employee need to have a private way to serve in order to enrich the serving environment.  Moreover, with different kinds of tourists, tourism employees need to have different kinds of corresponding service, in order to make them satisfied. Moreover, through having good knowledge and experience, together with marked individualities, employees can create their serving styles, which will make tourists feel new, happy and comfortable.

Supposing tourism as an art

Tourism has now been becoming a way of life. People travel not only to improve the their experiences but also to find and feel the beauty of the world. Therefore, tourism employees need to improve themselves and their work, which will create beautiful  images for visitors. They need to be the people who are looking for and understanding the beauty. Through bringing the beauty of the world to visitors, they can inspire visitors and improve their life styles after each trip.

In conclusion, tourism undeniably needs employees who have good knowledge, standardized skills and passion. Therefore, tourism employees necessarily study hard, experience more, crave for new things and always renew themselves with updated knowledge and skills. These traning schools for the tourism industry should also aim to build the appropriate curriculum and teaching methods that can provide tourism industry high quality human resource.

(There are provided information from expert)

Source: Bui Thanh Thuy ( Hanoi University of Culture)

Translator: B.H.D

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