New requirements for Vietnam Tourism human resource ( Part 1)

1. New trends of tourism

The twenty-first century is full of opportunities and challenges. The world is now facing  with economic globalization, telecommunications, information technology, modern transportation together with new circumstances and demands. Thus, tourism is no doubt needed to change.

The growth of global population, economy as well as life quality leads to the variety of travel demands. The first is traditional travel such as cultural tourism and leisure tourism which are constantly developing and expanding. Secondly, new kinds of travel appear mainly as ecotourism, health and medical tourism, etc. The final is specialized tourism such as business tourism, agricultural tourism, nature tourism … which helps tourist to experience and learn new things. To satisfy the diverse requirements of tourists, the tourism industry needs to its products always.

Agricultural tourism

Moreover, the development of science and technology creates opportunities for mankind to expand their economic activities outside the shelf, ocean or sky and tourism has taken the chance to develop, following the trends above. The first one is the improvement of diverse  tourism products for continent activities with specific characteristics such as active tourism ( climb the mountains) or adventure tourism ( trekking through a tropical forest or rock climbing). The second is the development of marine engineering and shipbuilding which will constantly provide better conditions for people to enjoy the beautiful scenery under the sea and play games under water, etc. The third is the development of technical innovations of the spacecraft which will result in universe travel such as traveling to the moon, exploring the earth, etc.

Adventurous Tourism

Sea Travel

Interestingly, tourism will also deal with the new era of consumer, which consumes many forms. The first one is individual travel, increasing more than group traveling. The second is small-team travel/small-model travel ( family travel). The final is the rapid development of self-service travel ( the tourists themselves find the destinations and arrange travel route). The 21st century is for the great development of self- service travel.

Family Travel

The development for tourism through many decades has made the modern travelers be more matured and experienced. High education, media, law or international language comprehension bring tourists much information. Tourists become increasingly fastidious, and know how to protect themselves when having long trips. Therefore, the tourism entreprises need to provide the service and the product at right prices and premium quality in order to satisfy tourists.

Moreover, the globalized economy and the development of commercial services require better services for international tourists. With growing demands, international service will increasingly have more standards in order to satisfy tourists. In order to provide the best service, the human resource needs constantly to improve and should be prepared with standardized knowledge and skills in both regional and international levels.

Growing number of tourists in Vietnam

The economic and social advantages of tourism make governments and entreprises is increasingly focusing on the development of the tourism industry. The tourism industry will become more competitive and comprehensive ( in product design, services, pricing policies,… ) In order to enhance tourism competitiveness, tourism companies are constantly improve and enhance the quality of tourist services and suppose it as the golden key is to bring success.

Vietnam has officially joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), which means that Vietnam tourism industry and its services are trying to reach the international standard. The important point of reaching this is the high quality human resouce. Employees who have high skills will have the opportunity to improve and bad staffs will be eliminated.

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Source: Bui Thanh Thuy ( Hanoi University of Culture)

Translator: B.H.D

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