[Interview 360] – Florent Moncan – New manager of La Badiane restaurant

“ I love staffs who have bussiness minds, work passionately and are willing to learn to serve customers better each day” – Florent shared.

Could you please introduce yourself?

Hello, I am Florent Moncan. I am 33 and coming from Paris.

What is the reason for you to come to Vietnam?

I came to Vietnam 9 years ago for a relaxing trip. After a few month living here, I decided to stay here and didn’t want to go anywhere else. Last year, I planned to come back to Paris, but you know, I still stay here!

What is the most impressing thing in Vietnam with you?

Vietnam has many young people. The young has changed this country in many aspects. I am impressed with their self-discipline ability and passions to learn new things.

Do you like Vietnamese food?

Yes, of course. The foods have many flavors, ingredients and I have many options.

Which food do you like the most?

I like Bun Cha the most.

Have you ever been a restaurant’s manager before?

Yes, I have worked in the hospitality industry for a half of my life and as a manager for over 10 years.

Why do you choose to work in La Badiane?

I have lived and worked in Sai Gon for a long time. I have the opportunity to observe the chances of this city and realized that it started to be different with Sai Gon that I once loved. That’s why I choosed to live in Hanoi. This is a historical place which expresses Vietnam culture. A friend of mine introduced me with La Badiane people and a week later, I stared to work with them.

Which thing do you like the most in La Badiane?

That is the faith and the support from the owners to me.

After more than a month working as manager, what do you think about La Badiane?

La Badiane has been running for 6 years. There are experienced chefs, great atmosphere and food, together with good service. This is reflected in the sharing of customers on TripAdvisor. Basically, everything in La Badiane gos well. What I really want to do is to make the restaurant better now. In 2014, La Badiane became one of the top 2 best restaurants in Vietnam, voted by Trip Advisor. My only goal is to make La Badiane become No.1 Vietnam’s restaurant in 2015. This is the challenge and opportunity for me and my staffs.

Which qualities of staffs do you appreciate the most?

I love staffs who have bussiness minds, work passionately and are willing to learn to serve customers better each day. I also like people with ambition. Nothing makes me prouder than an employee under my guidance and training may some day leave the restaurant to get a higher job position.

Do you have any plan to improve La Badiane?

I will focus on service improvement. With Chef Benjamin, we already have world-standard foods. But we still have to work harder to enhance the quality of services to reach international standards. I also look forward to increasing the number of both domestic and international customers. Therefore, we are working with a travel agent and have more activities associated with the holiday season.

Do you have any message to the customers of the La Badiane?

We thank customers for supporting us. La Badiane always welcomes and looks forward to receiving feedback from you to enhance the quality of the restaurant, which will serve you the most delicious dishes.

And of course, congratulations new year!

Thank you!


Translator: B.H.D

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