Hospitality management human resource in Vietnam

Looking at the current rapid growth of hotels in both quality and quantity, it is noticeable that human resource for hospitality management industry is in urgent need.

Latest statistics are not released on the total number of new hotels across the country, but as of 9-2012, there were 12,500 accommodation establishments with 250,000 rooms, of which 53 5-star hotels, 127 4-star hotels and 271 3-star hotels. The number of hotels is growing dramatically in the tourist centers such as Da Nang, Khanh Hoa, Quang Nam. The number of hotels in Quang Ninh also spike after Ha Long Bay was voted one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.

Hotel management means managing rooms division, operating staff, welcoming guests, and so on. It is a desirable position where young people have to work hard to break into the world of “leading career” in multinational corporations.

The contradiction between the “missing” and the “excess”

Students with a degree in Hotels & Restaurants Management in Vietnam enjoy comparably high salary. But the industry is facing the risk of a shortage of high-quality and skilled personnel. Every year, universities, colleges and vocational schools in the country “release” a huge number of hotel management graduates. However, many of them can’t find professional jobs in the industry, many else have the opportunities to work as hoteliers, but in small hotels, guesthouses…

What are the causes?

+ Not many students have working experience in a real hotel business, and as a result, they don’t have appropriate skills to satisfy requirements of big hotels employers in the country.

+ Many of them graduate without a good command of foreign language, this is what excludes them from being future employees of big hotels and restaurant business.

Hotel management career has always been seen as one of most-time attractive careers such as doctors, information technology, banking, airline stewardess… It never falls off position as a desirable caree to young people, because of the unique nature of the work that everyone can see.

Salary of a hotel – restaurant manager is very competitive, 10-18 million VND/month for medium-sized hotel, while in 3 to 5-star hotels, it can rise to $2,000 / month or even more. Besides, there are other income contributors such as sales bonuses, traveling abroad, taking training courses.

Source: Dân trí

Translator: Thùy Dương

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