Hospitality Industry Managers are Highly Touted by Other Industries

The skills that make hospitality managers successful in restaurants, hotels and resorts are the same that make them attractive to other industries. By nurturing their talents, you can retain them while helping them to grow their careers.

Here are a few qualities of a successful hospitality industry manager:

Customer centricity

There is no substitute for a strong focus on customer experience in the hospitality industry, and most others. By thinking of the customer first – what will make them happy, what keeps them returning to your establishment – you can almost guarantee success.


An ability to roll with the punches is vital in the hospitality industry. Managers must be able to shake it off if a customer yells at them, a popular menu item must be 86ed or an inspector makes an unexpected visit. Letting one issue ruin your whole day is sure to the rest of the team and hurt the organization.


A hospitality manager can never think that a task is beneath them. Every day brings new challenges, and they must be prepared to pitch in wherever needed to keep things running smoothly.

Interpersonal Skills

A lot of the work done by a hospitality manager comes in the public’s eye and out in the open. There’s a proper way to conduct yourself when dealing with customers and your staff members. People remember how they are treated, whether it’s a customer telling a friend about their experience or an employee talking to friends about their job.

Multitasking ability

Everyone in the hospitality industry is expected to wear many hats – none more so than the manager. Keeping customers happy, dealing with complaints, training staff – all while maintaining the physical and financial health of the company – requires an ability to juggle without neglecting critical tasks.

Communication skills

In the hospitality industry, you deal with people from all over, sometimes those who don’t speak the same language. It’s vital that managers understand and can make themselves understood with a wide range of people to ensure company success.

All of these abilities make hospitality managers in high demand across many industries, including hospitals, automotive and other fields. That just serves to make the market for highly qualified managers that much more competitive.

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