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Beside knowledge and experience, soft skills are critically important to success. Courses on soft skills, business communication are opened and grabbed the attention of a large part of white-collar workers, businessmen, middle and senior managers…

A very popular unanswered question in today’s workplace is that among many essential soft skills, what the most needed skill is, which skill needs to be mastered the most in order to optimize efficiency at work and even in everyday life. In one survey of CEOs done by Fortune 500, it shows that Networking is the most important skill, accounting for 75% success in professional work. This is not a subjective judgment, it is the result of the actual research and it has scientific basis. Networking is not just participating in an event or meeting a group of people. Networking skill is the ability to find, build and connect the relationships and resources to create and develop new opportunities. Therefore, in business, Networking skills are particularly important, especially to the leaders, because the success of their business not only depends on their knowledge and skills, but on the knowledge and skills of their whole network.

Networking is not a new concept in Western countries. But in Vietnam, networking has just been focused and mentioned for the last few years. People have taken networking more serious, more conscious, more proactive, planned and focused more on the quality of the relationship. And along with that trend, networking in tourism & hospitality industry increasingly reflects its role in determining the success of an individual as well as the prosperity of a business. In a multidimensional playground like tourism & hospitality, networking becomes an art, it becomes vital rather than merely a needed soft skill.

Being aware of the importance of networking in the industy, management team of Vietnam Hospitality Network (, abbreviated VHN), from the early days, identified one of the key objectives is to connect, maintain and gather strength of high-quality human resource community. From the experience and achievements through the operating and developing, VHN wants to be the bridge between professional groups in the industry through online and offline events, from which each and everyone can get real benefits from building professional relationships and developing career opportunities. And to improve the quality of networking activities, to make networking a professional activity and create viral effect, we organized Hospitality Gathering – A networking event where senior personnel in the industry met in major cities across Vietnam. With an effort to connect and inspire people, last year, Hospitality Gathering events were held in Hanoi, Saigon, Vung Tau, Da Nang, Nha Trang,… and became a trademark of VHN, where tourism & hospitality enthusiasts met.

To make it a playground for high-quality human resource of the industry, we invited participants for Hospitality Gathering events selectively, our management team focused tremendously on quality and effective networking. In each Gathering event, we have special guests which can be the senior managers, individuals taking important positions in large enterprises. Besides the success career storytelling, experiences sharing, Hospitality Gathering promotes business cooperation – this is the true "value" that VHN gives to participants.

With the intention of promoting conscious networking activities in human resource of the industry, through dozens of Hospitality Gathering events, our management team has been greatly encouraged by the success of the relationships developed at the events. And certainly, Hospitality Gathering will keep spreading and connecting people in the future.

Hanh Bui – VHN Chief Operating Office

Translator: Thuy Duong

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