An Giang: Training and developing human resources for Tourism

Each year, there are approximately over 5 million people visting to An Giang. Accordingly, there has been a development in both quality and quantity of traveling enterprises, which helps An Giang Tourism to meet the increasing demands of society.

The training activity for human resources in Tourism and Hospitality in An Giang province has resulted in good results. Labor in tourism has been improving, speacially in quality. However, An Giang still need to enhance their labor in both quantity and quality in order to meet the increasing demand in some next years. Actually, percentage of certified labours in this industry is still low. The current employees are unprofessional and have no skill. Moreover, the managers are not good at management and lack of expertise.

In recent years, the industry has organized training courses focusing on 13 tourism skills following Vietnam Tourism Occupational Skill Standards. From 2000 to 2012, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism( An Giang) has collaborated with training schools in Ho Chi Minh city such as: Saigon Tourism Vocational College, School for International Manpower Ho Chi Minh City and many other vocational schools within and outside the province (An Giang Vocational College …) to hold 15 seminars on tourism and organize 54 training courses in tourism for 2093 students from many cities ( Dong Thap, Kien Giang, Phu Quoc, Ho. Ho Chi Minh,…). Participants were trained with various kinds of professional competence, including hotel management, reception, cultural tourism, tourism management.

                                                    Training restaurant services

Particularly in 2013, the Department of Culture Sports and Tourism ( An Giang) was developing the project "Tourism training for unemployed young people in the period 2013-2017" in order to gradually create favorable job opportunities for the young students who studied tourism and hospitality. At the same time, the Department of Culture – Sports and Tourism ( An Giang) is developing a scheme establishing the Vocational School of Culture, Sports and Tourism in An Giang province, which could train  An Giang’s manpower professioanlly and help An Giang’s tourism to develop greatly with its potential and existing strengths.

According to research about the demand of traning human resources in tourism and hospitality from 2012 to 2020, there were 23 reggistered training classes with 500 students. Based on this, from 2013 on, the Department of Culture – Sports and Tourism (An Giang) will coopperate with training schools to organize professional training classes in tourism, such as: English in communication, chefs and waiters course, hotel and food services, housekeeping, etc.

These solutions will help the local authorities to train and develop high quality human resources who can ensure the quality of tourism. This activity also contributed to the move labors from agriculture to tourism services, in accordance with the provincial resolution issued on promoting tourism development in An Giang Province in the period 2015 -2020.

Source: Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism ( An Giang province)

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