A melting story about Pizza Home’s CEO

Father, son and start-up…

Success of CEO Hoang Tung and Pizza Home’s chain is conspicuous. However, rarely people know about the thrilling story behind his start-up.

With Hoang Tung, Start-up is either an unstoppable desire; or a mixture of emotions when being broken-up, running out of money, worry and wrath. At one point of time, it almost cut off the relationship between him and his father.

Nevertheless, as a silver lighting after a storm, his success with Pizza Home has gained love from Vietnamese people as considered as a “Pizza made home”.

In the following story, Mr. Hoang Tung is going to bring to us a story about his start-up and his dear father. With this pathetic story, he hopes that whom who choose start-up as their jobs will be encouraged.

 “My dad and I was like Yin and Yang. Unlike the other traditional one, he didn’t want me to have a slot in a national company; he wanted me to work for foreigners.

That could be the reason why he had been very happy when my first job after school-time was in a joint venture company with a good salary, leisure life, and sometimes did some art work

When my poem was pressed, I brought the newspaper home, but I was too embarrassing to show if off. I decided to leave it on the table, let my dad saw it by himself. When my dad got home, he quickly realized it and immediately boasted about it with his friends: “My son has a talent…likes me”.

One day, one of my friends gave me a book names Rich Dad Poor Dad. And that has been the turning point of my life. When my dad saw me ringing around with that book series, he was kind of doubt and said with hints that: “Don’t be silly. This life is enough.”

Basically, he hadn’t sale something as business, and hadn’t thought about it. His experience after the System of budget Subsidies made him unsecured while I was slipping off this mindset.

 Our value concepts conflicted more and more. Day by day, the bone between me and my dad was weaken and appeared some cracks.

I still decided to quit my job and work alone. That was the beginning of a long period of white nights, seedy looking and tired days. My dad felt really uncomfortable when I looked like a ghost galleon

Then came to the storm. Consecutively failed, I broke-up, out of budget, tired and wrathful. Each time he saw me failed, my dad might be worried, even much more than what I did

However, he felt relieve when saw me came back to a life of a white collar, with the same routine every day, a safe salary, and occasionally came home with a newspaper or a short story. And of course, he had some things to boast with his friends…

One day, he was shocked when he saw me in a TV talk show about Start-up. He interrogated me: “How long have you quit your job? After all of the money wasted on your fool, you still realize nothing?”

 I roughly answered: “I haven’t ever touched your money. There is no need to be worry.”

But, the nature of parents is to worry about their kids. He sought out Pizza Home, dropped in and silently told my mom: “I came to see his restaurant today, it’s completely deserted” or “I came to see his restaurant today, his employees have nothing to do all day” or “I came to see his restaurant today, I saw him sitting alone in a corner”. The chorus “I came to his restaurant today…” happened every day.

 Until a day, some of my siblings joined with me. Faced with his interrogation, my sibling told him the truth. Indeed, it wasn’t liked what he had seen. Then, at some times, due to the lack of shipper, I asked him to…ship pizza. He always did it with a high priority.

By the time, he was getting easier about me. He realized that his son business was not that bad. It was slowly in the black.

Then in a day, I called him: “Dad, could you come here for a while, I need your help.” He answered: “I’m feeling not good today”. Days later, he was hospitalized. They said that he got two cancers on his kidney. A head-shake from Doctors. 4 months and 10 days later, he left us.

I had supposed to write something for him, but throughout last year, I didn’t know how to do it. Till now, I don’t really know how to end this. Might be it was a tired afternoon, after hours walking with his stick under the sunlight, he pushed me: “Go to the restaurant now or who will take care of it?”

I got into my car to the restaurant. And him, sitting on chair, in a slightly chilly day…”

Author:  An Nhien

Retrieved from: http://cafebiz.vn/cau-chuyen-kinh-doanh/cha-va-con-va-khoi-nghiep-20160215182713855.chn

Date of visited: February 25, 2016

Date of published: February 16,2016

Photo: Cafebiz.vn http://cafebiz.vn/cau-chuyen-kinh-doanh/cha-va-con-va-khoi-nghiep-20160215182713855.chnNew.zing.vn http://news.zing.vn/CEO-Hoang-Tung-Dam-me-khoi-nghiep-la-vo-tan-post503398.html

Translator: GCs

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