Swiss Alumni Night 2013 – Connecting Switzerland international students community

In 31st August, 2013, at Hilton Hanoi Opera, Switzerland International Students Alumni held the program Swiss Alumni Night.

Following the success of the program in 2012 in Saigon, this year, the event was held in Hanoi with the purpose of connecting international student community, creating business opportunities, supporting each other in their work and especially orienting for international students studying tourism and hospitality in Switzerland, as well as conveying the experiences for any students who planned to Switzerland in the future.

The program attracted nearly 100 participants including former international students, new international students and guests who were coming from the state, corporations or companies whose work related especially to personnel and networking.

The event was started from 20:30 but participants came very early to have time to talk, exchange and get acquainted with each other.

After spending a few times for experts to share about their experiences in hotel management, the music began.

The Connecting Gameshow is the part that people expected the most. This was the opportunity to participate in the event,understand each other better, make connections and build teamwork.

As a Vietnamese student who had studied hotel management and tourism in Switzerland, Ms. Nguyen Hai Anh (currently working for Vietnam Airlines magazine) said:  I have an unforgettable time studying in Switzerland. And tonight, it is really great to see my friends again and call back all the memories when I was in dorm. I have found that time is precious and gives me much knowledge about my major.

The Vietnamese students in Switzerland has been training and practicing in one of the most professional hospitality and tourism environments in the world.  Here is the chance to connect all international students together in order to create more job opportunities for me as well as all of you.

Mr.Tran Duc Viet, who is currently a final year student of an university of hotel and tourism in Lausanne now is an internship at a famous hotel corporation in Vietnam said that: Taking part in this event, I want to meet other Vietnamese students who had studied in Switzerland and ask them some questions about their experiences or advice of some high quality and potential graduate schools. In addition, this is also my opportunity to meet other international students and create a community that can help each other in school and in future careers after we complete the MBA in Hospitality and Tourism in Switzerland.

Mr. Ta Minh Thao, representative of the Organizing Committee said: When coming back to Vietnam, we realized that we needed an organization to connect all students with companies related to Hospitality and Tourism and the state administration together.

Therefore, the social networking was born as a bridge to support Vietnamese students, provide an advanced human resource for Tourism and Hospitality as well as orient for students who want to study at Switzerland. Swiss Alumni Events is a chance for students to connect and hopes to receive more attention from Vietnamese students who study in Switzerland to help the Switzerland Alumni Vietnam Association grow more prosperously.

Source: John Ta – Alumni from Switzerland

Translator: B.H.D

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