About us

Hoteliers Vietnam – Developing the high-quality human resource system for Vietnam’s Tourism and Hospitality is a partnership program between Vietnam Hospitality Network, referred to VHN and the Institute for Tourism Development Research (belonged to Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism).

VHN is a non-profit project which has been established since 2010. VHN works for the sustainable development of the tourism industry Vietnam and supposes Vietnamese students who have studied in Switzerland and countries with developed tourism industry as the core team. VHN operates on the principle of “Unlimited Interaction”. The Project Management Committee has created a multi- dimensional interactive platform (www.hospitality.vn) between direct participants in this industry including: Nation Tourism Administration Organizations – Manpower – Schools – Experts – Recruiters, where each member can optimize benefits through:

  • Build professional relationships
  • Improve skills and experience
  • Develop career and business opportunities

Following the success of the project VHN, Vietnam Hoteliers has officially been launched to deploy all activities that help to develop the human resources in a basically advanced, intensive, widespread and powerful way. On 06/09/2014, at Moevenpick Hotel Hanoi, the Project Management Committee held a press conference to announce action plans and program of Hoteliers Vietnam in the period 2015 – 2020. With the foundation of 2.1 people working in this industry, including more than 600,000 direct employees that VHN connected through multi-dimensional interactive environment “www.hospitality.vn”, Vietnam Hoteliers towards three main target groups in order to realize and maximum 3 VHN benefits groups that VHN commits to:

  • Connect internship opportunities / career by signing agreements with businesses or corporations in order to support student research projects associated with business development, internship opportunities or career opportunities.
  • Take advantages of expert networks; connect the domestic experts and foreign experts to promote sharing activity, research and knowledge exchange about this industry.
  • Connect the high quality human resources to support one another and open up opportunities for collaboration, business activities through online / offline activities which are are held regularly throughout the country: the online seminars; specialized workshops and training programs developed; networking events which are organized in cities such as Hanoi, Da Nang, Saigon, Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Phan Thiet, Sapa, Halong, etc.

Through a good orientation and the mission associated with the development of economy and society of the country, VHN in general and Vietnam Hoteliers in particular have received the endorsement, encouragement and handshakes from the nation tourism administration organizations, recruiters, schools, as well as experts:

Dr. Ha Van Sieu – Deputy Director of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism: “Project VHN can be supposed as a strategic solution of Vietnam tourism. The establishment and operation of the project can meet the support for Vietnam tourism development in depth, quality, professionalism and sustainability through the development of high quality human resources. “

Mr. Kai Marcus Schröter – Deputy Chairman of the Subcommittee Tourism, Restaurants and Hotels of Eurocham, ‎General Director, HTM Management Consultancy:“I find this project very interesting, practical and useful for human Vietnam tourism. This is a place for us to meet, connect and share information as well as their experiences with each other on Hospitality and Tourism Sector.”

Dr. Dong Xuan Dam, Head of Tourism & Hotels, National Economics University:“This project is beneficial to all parties. It also creates opportunities for universities administrators and professionals to share experiences and knowledge. Since then the universities administrators can capture the trend and find appropriate training programs for students which help them to find jobs. It also supports businesses with chances to find the best employees, thereby enhancing competitiveness…”

Ms. Le Ngoc Thao – Market Manager,  VIVU LLC:“I knew VHN since 2011, when I was a student in Administration of Tourism’s Hotel Hoa Sen University. The specialized knowledge and network of professionals in VHN have brought me much more experiences, helped me find my favorite job and developed the necessary skills.”